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Scottish Tradition Series

The Scottish Tradition series of CDs, published by Greentrax, contains material compiled from Archive recordings. There are collections of Gaelic and Scots song, piping, fiddle music, childlore, wedding customs, traditions relating to Orkney and more...

Cover art for Dhannsadh Gun Dannsadh - Dance-Songs of The Scottish Gaels CD

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Scottish Traditions Volume 28

 Dhannsadh Gun Dannsadh - Dance-Songs of The Scottish Gaels was released in December 2019.

It is the first in the Scottish Tradition Series dedicated to Gaelic dance-song and it presents songs that are rarely or never heard, whilst offering notable performances of well-known pieces.


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Other volumes in the series include:

George Moss - Pibroch

Album Cover Scottish Traditions
George Moss (1903-1990) was an important figure in Scottish Highland piping who never received the recognition due to him during his lifetime.

Cruinneachadh Chaluim

Album Cover Scottish Traditions
A double CD set with one CD consisting of songs and the other featuring instrumental music collected by Calum Maclean, the first researcher to be employed at the newly founded School of Scottish Studies in 1951.