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#CapturingLives2020 Week Two

Find the resources and content for Week Two of the Capturing Lives Project here.

Introduction: Photography

Hello, everyone! This week is all about photography. Photographs are something are often held in archives due to the clues they can show us about life in the past. Watch the video below to see what we can learn about photographic techniques from some of the photos that we hold in our archives:

Video: How to Look at Photographs
For Week 2 of the Capturing Lives Programme


Week 2: Activity

Watch the video below to find out what you have to do for this week's activity:

Video: Week 2: Activities
Week 2 - Capturing Lives Programme

Find the transcript for the video here: 


Download the activity sheet for this week here (this week, we put the activities and the discussion question sessions in the one sheet):


Here are some tips for taking good photos with a phone camera. If you have a camera you'd rather use, feel free to do so!

Video: Tips for Taking Photographs with a Phone
Video for week 2 of Capturing Lives project - how to take photographs

Download the transcript for this video here:

Online Exhibition

You can access the online exhibition we'll be using throughout the project to display your work here. If you'd like your work to feature on the site then let your mentor know and they'll be able to upload it for you. We're also looking for people who would like to feature in the Participant's section of the website, so if you'd be willing to do that, do let us know either on Teams, in our group chats or by emailing