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#CapturingLives2020 Week Six

Find the resources and content for Week Six of the Capturing Lives Project here.


Welcome to the last week of the 'Capturing Lives' project, well done for making it this far! This week we're asking you to do a few different things: 1) research an artist 2) reflect on your experience of the Capturing Lives programme and 3) share your experience and work with others.

Video: Week 6 Activities
Week 6 Activities Video


Download the Week 6 Activity Sheet here:


Download the Competition Brief for the Front Cover Design here:

Researching an artist

Here are some tips from Marga about how to go about researching an artist:

Video: How to Research an Artist
Video for Week 6 of Capturing Lives


Here are some videos about artists that are featured in the University of Stirling's Collection that you might want to choose (you might recognise James Morrison's painting from the landscape painting week!):

Video: James Morrison
James Morrison video from University of Stirling
Video: Brigid Collins
Video for Week 6 of Capturing Lives
Video: Joan Eardley: A Sense of Place
Video on Joan Eardley

This one by Zanele Muholi, whose work has been displayed at The Glasgow School of Art is also very interesting:

Video: Zanele Muholi
Video on Zanele Muholi's work

You can also look back at the videos from last week on Nathan Coley and Susan Collis whose public art is displayed on the University of Edinburgh campus.

Sharing your Work

Here are some suggestions for ways you could share your work:

Video: Sharing Your Work
Suggestions for Sharing your artwork


Aayushi, current student at Edinburgh College of Art, gives some tips for thinking critically about your own and others work:

Video: Aayushi: Thinking Critically about Your Work
Aayushi: Thinking Critically about your work

Christina, Exhibitions Officer at the University of Aberdeen, tells us more about what an Exhibitions Officer does:

Video: Exhibitions Officer - University of Aberdeen
Exhibitions Officer University of Aberdeen

Talk this week

Thinking about applying to art school at some point in the future? Join us on Thursday 23rd June at 2pm to 3pm to hear from Colette Kerr, part of the Student Recruitment and Admissions Team at The Glasgow College of Art, to hear more about what you have to do to apply to one of their programmes. Colette will also be joined by Aayushi Gupta, newly graduated student from Edinburgh College of Art, and Georgia Bayne, third year Illustration Student at Duncan of Jordanstone's College of Art and Design, who will tell you a bit about their own portfolios that they applied to art school with. The link for the talk will be shared on our Teams site at the start of next week.

Celebration Session

Our celebration session will take place online on Friday 7th August from 3pm to 4.30pm. We'll display a slideshow of your work and celebrate your achievement in completing the programme! Invitations will be sent out via next week. Feel free to invitate family and friends to join us!