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#CapturingLives2020 Week One

Find the resources and content for Week One of the Capturing Lives Project here.


This week is all about introducing you all to the project and getting to know each other. Please watch our introduction video below, which will hopefully cover any questions you may have:

Video: Introduction to Capturing Lives 2020
Introduction for those taking part in the Capturing Lives project 2020

You can read our Participant Information Guide here (which is also available on the Microsoft Teams site): 

If any of you are not used to using Microsoft Teams, they have made a fun demo site which you can try here: Remember, you can download the Teams app through the App Store or Google Play for your phone or tablet but you can also access it through the web by visiting: 

Here is the transcript for the Introduction video (with pictures) in case its easier to use than watching the video:


Week 1: Activity

We're starting off gently with our Week 1 activity. The main point of the activity is to help us get to know one another so don't get too concerned about producing great works of art, quick sketches work really well for this activity. Watch the video below and then download our Week 1: Activity sheet.

Video: Week 1: Activity
This video explains the first activity for participants on the Capturing Lives project.

Here is the transcript for the video:


Now download the Week 1: Activity Sheet. You can fill this out before or after your discussion group session, its up to you (for those of you whose discussion group is earlier on in the week, we appreciate it might not be possible to complete the activities before the group takes place, so don't worry too much about that).


Discussion Group Session

We're really looking forward to meeting you all in our discussion group sessions, which should last approximately one hour and will be held via video call on Microsoft Teams. There are 8 people in each discussion group session (on average). We'll be sending out email invites to these shortly if you haven't had one already.

We understand that it can be nerve wracking to have a video call with people you haven't met yet, that's why we're encouraging you to get to know one another a little beforehand by posting on the Microsoft Teams site. You can also read about some of the questions we'll be discussing in this week's sessions so you can prepare answers in advance if you'd like to (but no necessity to do this).

Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize

As part of the project, we're sponsoring two entries to the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize led by Professor Anita Taylor from Duncan of Jordanstone's College of Art and Design. The prize is for both emerging and established artists and drawings which are shortlisted for the award will be included in the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Exhibition.

The deadline for the prize is the 24th of June so if you are interested in submitting an entry to the prize, please send a picture of the work you would like to submit by Friday 19th of June at 5pm to The staff and mentors on the project will then choose two drawings to put forward to the prize. We understand that this is a short deadline so the work doesn't have to be something new you have done for the project, it can be a piece of work you have already created.

Don't worry, if you don't get the opportunity to submit to this competition, we'll also be supporting more entries to the National Galleries of Scotland Art Competition later in the programme. And of course, we hope to display all of your work in an exhibition on the campuses of the Universities involved once it is safe to do so.

Online Exhibition

You can access the online exhibition we'll be using throughout the project to display your work here. If you'd like your work to feature on the site then let your mentor know and they'll be able to upload it for you. We're also looking for people who would like to feature in the Participant's section of the website, so if you'd be willing to do that, do let us know either on Teams, in our group chats or by emailing