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CRC Reading Room Regulations

Reader registration forms for accessing collections at the CRC

Revised Regulations following COVID-19

As part of the re-opening of face-to-face services, we have revised our regulations and registration system for users accessing the CRC Reading Room.

Please read through the information below carefully, then select the appropriate option at the end of the page in order to complete you registration.

At All Times

  • Service users and staff are expected to behave with dignity and respect in line with the University’s Policy.  The CRC is dedicated to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all people, regardless of background or identity. As such, in person or during any online communications or consultations we do not tolerate behaviour that is disrespectful to our staff or learners or that excludes, intimidates, or causes discomfort to others.

    All users are expected to be abide by the University's health and safety procedures. These include following instructions from staff and informational signage relating to social distancing, queuing and hand washing.

    Any user who intentionally disregards these instructions will have their visit or online session suspended and will be asked to leave.

    In line with Scottish Government requirements, it is mandatory to wear a face covering in any University library. This means you must wear a face covering throughout your visit to the CRC, unless you are exempt under the government guidance. Scottish Government guidance on face coverings.

In Person Visits

On Arrival

  • Please report to the CRC reception desk where staff will check your reservation and registration. If you are not a member of the University, we will require you to show your photographic ID.
  • Please place belongings in the lockers provided. These are used by one person per day and are cleaned at the end of each day.
  • You are welcome to take laptops / tablets / smartphone, pencils and notebooks into the Reading Room.
  • Before entering the reading room, please wash your hand thoroughly in the WCs, then use the hand sanitiser provided at the door to the reading room.

In the Reading Room

  • The following items are prohibited in the reading room:  bags, coats, umbrellas, pens, food, drink, scissors, correction fluid, post-it notes, sellotape, knives, lighters, matches.
  • To help preserve the collections, readers are not permitted to remove any collection items from the Reading Room.
  • If you require any assistance handling material, please ask a member of staff. In particular please do not fold, lean on, mark, disassemble or damage any items.
  • Please use the book supports provided for reading bound volumes. If you are looking at original photographs, illuminated manuscripts or objects please use the gloves provided.
  • Please keep items in order and help us by informing the invigilator on the desk if anything appears to be damaged, missing or out of place.
  • Please return items to the invigilator if you are leaving the Reading Room and ask if you want them kept for your return.
  • The Reading Room is designated for silent work; please use the Reception area for conversations.
  • Many of our collections may be photographed, or can be scanned using our self-service facilities. Please ask staff for further information.

Before You Leave

If you require a return visit, but have not made an appointment for another day, please speak to a member of staff at the reception desk or in the reading room.

Virtual Consultations

Before your Appointment

  • Check that your microphone is working. A webcam is optional.

During your Appointment

  • Let the member of staff know if you are having any technical difficulties.
  • Do not record the meeting or take screen grabs.
  • Let the member of staff know when you are ready to move on i.e. turn a page or move to the next item.
  • Make notes of any specific pages you would like images of. Staff can take a reasonable number of medium quality images for research purposes. If you would like professional quality images for publication, the staff member will provide you with a quote (some time after the meeting) for digitisation services.


EASE Users (secured)

Registration form for users with EASE credentials - UofE Staff and Students.

Non UofE Users

Registration form for users without EASE credentials.