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The CRC provides a broad range of services, supporting teaching with collections, international research and projects.

Enquiries & Access to Collections (in-person and online)

CRC staff provide support for researchers unable to visit in person, or those planning a research visit. This includes searching of catalogues, recommendation of resources, specialist advice from collections staff, and providing basic photographs of collection items where suitable. 

Access to collections for research is delivered through the CRC Reading Room, Virtual Reading Room and Streaming Services for Sound Archives. CRC staff can recommend the best option on receipt of your enquiry.

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Teaching with Collections (in-person and online)

The Teaching with Collections service allows academic staff to deliver seminars and lectures from the CRC, using collection items as the basis of their teaching. These can be delivered in-person or online (both live and pre-recorded). CRC staff also deliver specialist teaching for University of Edinburgh courses.

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Collections Discovery

Enabling discovery, use and management of University Heritage Collections by creating and maintaining metadata content for all University Heritage Collections, and running metadata and discovery systems software for Archives, Art and Museums. (Metadata for Rare Books Collections is held and made available via Metadata Services and DiscoverEd)

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Art Collection Catalogue

Musical Instrument Catalogue

Image Request & Licensing

The CRC works with the Digital Imaging Unit to provide digitisation services, including photography, 3D scanning, AV digitisation and large-scale digitisation projects. Staff at the CRC manage licensing of digitised content, guided by the current legislation for copyright and data protection.

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Engagement Service

We work in partnership to deliver the services that bring our collections to the university community and the wider public. We develop and deliver a range of inclusive community engagement projects and services (including Prescribe Culture and Exhibitions) and a public programme throughout the year based around our collections, online, on campus and in person.

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Dissertation Support

Advice and guidance for creating dissertation questions and research activity using colllections. This includes teaching specific research skills needed for navigating and working with collections.

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Digital Preservation

Digital Preservation of the University's Record and Institutional Archives for business continuity and institutional memory.  This service offers a means of long terms preservation of the records the University creates on its activity and access for consultation and compliance.

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University Archive and Records Management

Provision of the core repository for consultation and access of the University's corporate memory, its archive. This includes advice, guidance, projects working with staff across the University to ensure core records and activity is being preserved and made available.

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Research Projects Development and Management

Specific project development for collections based research projects, advising and deploying collections knowledge and partnerships  nationally and internationally to attract external funding.

To see current projects, please check the Projects Website.

Heritage Collections Consultancy

Advice, expertise and skills can be sought from our experienced and accredited team of cultural heritage and information management professionals on projects, commissions, collections and service management, and research aspects of collections. For further information contact the CRC.

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Conservators at the CRC work to preserve the collections through both preventive and interventive treatments.

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Digital Scholarship Centre

The Digital Scholarship Centre (DSC) is a collaborative space for the University community to use for events, training and knowledge-sharing relating to Digital Scholarship across academic disciplines.

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