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Collecting Covid-19 Initiative

Staff and students are being asked to share how their lives have changed during Covid-19 outbreak.

Societies throughout the world are continuing to experience new ways of living and working as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds. As part of understanding our community and the awareness of what is being experienced, the Centre for Research Collections will be documenting life and environmental changes around the University. 

This initiative will be led by the University archives team supported by a collaborative advisory group with representation from the University’s communities.

The team are looking to create a full and accurate picture of our University community’s experiences and response to the pandemic. In preserving a range of materials and formats for the long term, we aim to prevent gaps in memories and experience.

While we want to celebrate the best of human nature, we understand it is a challenging and at times traumatic period for everyone. Our archivists will be considering how this archive can be created and captured safely and sensitively. This will include awareness of the reality of experience in the way we collect, communicate with our community and how this material will be managed and made available in the future. 

Excerpt from Department of Social Work archives
Quote from correspondence in admission files for courses in Social Study describing the alteration of normal working during the second world war. Ref: EUA/IN1/ACU/S2/1/756

Get involved

We welcome records from across the university community of all kinds and from all perspectives. While the University Library is closed, however, the transfer of hardcopy (physical) material is not possible. For the moment we ask that hardcopy material be kept safe by the owners until a later date when the Library is open again and our team is able to take custody of the material. If you have any questions regarding this process, please email us at

In the meantime we are requesting digital material for submission.

Examples include: Web and social media content, digital journal and diary entries, emails, photographs, videos, audio recordings, digital art and other digital documentation which shows how our community has been affected and is responding to the crisis.

Below is a form where you can add your details and upload items for consideration by the collecting covid-19 team, who are working collaboratively with the wider university community to ensure a broad and representative range of material is preserved. The archives team will be in touch in due course regarding your submission. Acceptance of submissions for the archive will continue in the long term.


Please read the form carefully and fill in the information as fully as you can before submitting it and any records. Some fields are required* while others are optional.

  • Please only submit material created by you and not copied from or based (in whole or in part) upon any other photographic, literary, or other material, except to the extent that such material is in the public domain, or you have permission of the copyright owner, or its use is allowed by "Fair Dealing" as prescribed by the terms of UK copyright law.
  • Please carefully consider confidentiality, privacy and intellectual property law before submitting material.
  • Your name and email address will be recorded when you upload the file as part of or confidential and secure collections management information.
  • Please note that all the fields are mandatory except for your current location. If there is any information missing a red border box will highlight the incomplete field and a warning message will appear.

Digital Submission Form