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Handling collections material

Please read and follow these guidelines in order to help us preserve the collections.

View our video guide to handling Collections Material.

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Basic rules

  1. Please do not remove any collection items from the Reading Room without staff permission.
  2. You are welcome to bring the following items in to the Reading Room: pencils, notepaper, laptops / tablets, camera, and necessary reference books. To help us protect the collections, all other items must be left in the lockers provided (including pens, food & drink, bags and coats).
  3. Please handle any collection item(s) issued to you with care and do not allow another reader to use your item(s). Return them to the invigilating member of staff when you leave the Reading Room.

Guidelines common to all types of material

  • Please ensure your hands are clean. CRC staff will provide gloves if you are looking at particularly sensitive material such as photographs or illuminated manuscripts.
  • Use both hands to carry an item, only carry what you can easily hold, and ask for help with heavy, bulky or fragile items.
  • Be aware that jewellery can cause damage, for example long necklaces, rings and bracelets.
  • The table used should be clean and free from any other collection items or clutter.
  • Do not fold, lean on, mark, disassemble or damage any items.

Please remember

If you are in any doubt about the safest means to handle an item, please ask a member of staff who will be happy to advise. Please also report any concerns with the condition of items to the CRC invigilator.