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Hamish Henderson Materials in Other EUL Collections

This page lists material of Hamish Henderson interest in other Edinburgh University Library Collections, including letters from Henderson to Helen Cruickshank, Maurice Lindsay, and Hugh MacDiarmid, as well as original manuscripts of poetry by Henderson.


Helen Cruickshank (Coll-81)

  • Letter from Henderson to Cruickshank, 5 November 1969 (Gen 1929/2/12)

Maurice Lindsay (Coll-56)

  • Letter from Henderson to Lindsay, 7 September 1947 (with MS poem 'Highland Jebel') (Gen 2030/30/328-328*)

Hugh MacDiarmid (Coll-18)

  • 70 letters and 6 postcards from Henderson to MacDiarmid, 1946-75 (MS 2951.3)

Henderson is also mentioned in letters to MacDiarmid from, among others, Maurice Lindsay (MS 2030/30/234-288, MS 2953.3), Tom Scott (MS 2960.6), and Sydney Goodsir Smith (MS 2960.16).

  • ‘Epitaph’ (MS 2976, unnumbered)
  • ‘Rivonia’  (MS 3006, unnumbered)
  • ‘Twa Blads frae Africa’ (‘Tae a Wheen Anglo-Cairenes’ and ‘The Deid’) (MS 2976)

Photographs of Scottish Writers (Coll-1070)

  • Photograph of Henderson by Gordon Wright

Records of Scottish International Review (Coll-232)

  • TS of recorded conversation between Sorley Maclean, Iain Crichton Smith, John McInnes, Hamish Henderson, Donald MacAulay and Robert Tait, Editor of Scottish International Review (Gen. 2159/2)
  • MS of ‘Story of Burkers (with Talk’), told by Davie Stewart, Banchory, collected by Hamish Henderson (Gen. 2159/2)
  • ‘Weill-Met in Buchan: For Hamish Henderson’, TS of poem by Robert Garioch (Gen. 2159/2)

Tom Scott (Coll-1077)

  • Mentioned in letter from G. S. Fraser to Scott, 22 October 1964 (E95.02)
  • Mentioned in letter from Hugh MacDiarmid to Scott, 26 September 1963 (E2001.34)
  • Mentioned in letter  from Alexander Scott to Scott, 4 August 1967 (E95.02)

Michael Sharp (Coll-1492)

  • 9 letters from Henderson to Sharp, 1973-82 (E2013.62)

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