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Other Duncan Glen Manuscripts

The Duncan Glen Papers contain manuscripts of monographs and essays demonstrating Glen's passionate commitment to promoting Scottish literature, the Scots language, and the role of small presses.


  • The Individual and the Twentieth-Century Scottish Literary Tradition (1971), MS (Gen 2186/2/3)


Dates and original places of publication are given when known.

  • 'Scottish Poetry Now: 2. As Seen from Preston', published in Akros, vol. 1, no. 3 (Aug 1966), MS and TS with MS annotations (Gen 2186/1/1)
  • 'The Predicament of the Scottish Writer Today' (1967), TS (Gen 2186/1/1)
  • Talk on Akros for Scottish Life and Letters, BBC Scottish Home Service (1967?), TS (Gen 2186/1/2)
  • 'The Unfathomable Ground' (1968), published in Akros, vol. 2 no. 7 (March 1968), MS (Gen 2186/2/3)
  • 'To Be Yoursel' (1968?)', MS (Gen 2186/2/3)
  • 'A Trained and Performing Tortoise' (1969), published in Akros, vol. 3, no. 9 (January 1969), MS (Gen 2186/2/3)
  • 'For the Purposes of Literature: The Private and the Small Presses' (1976), 2 MSS and TS with MS annotations for article printed in Graphic Lines, 2 (1976) (Gen 2186/2/1)
  • Talk on early Scottish printing to Robert Henryson Society, Dunfermline, 29 October 2002, computer printout (E2006.19)

Edited Works

  • Papers and correspondence relating to the publication of Whither Scotland, from the archives of Victor Gollancz (1970-77) (Coll-2027)

At Gen 2186/1 there are a further five untitled manuscripts on contemporary Scottish literature, the literary use of Scots, and 20th-century Scottish literary magazines.

MacDiarmid Materials

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