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Resources relevant for students of music.

Reid Music Library

The Reid Music Library webpage provides information on how to navigate the printed and manuscript collections held at the CRC.

Rare Books Directory - Reid Music Library

Musical Instrument Collections

The musical instrument collections were principally established for musical instrument research and academic instruction, but hands-on research for publication, making technical drawings, building replica instruments, demonstrations, recording etc. are actively encouraged and facilitated by curatorial staff.

Musical Instrument Collections

Tovey Collection - Archives & Scores

Sir Donald Francis Tovey was the Reid Professor of Music 1914-1940.  There are over 20 metres of archival material, ranging from notes and drafts of lectures to accounts and administrative material, drafts of broadcasts to photographs and diaries, and cuttings and reviews. There is also extensive correspondence between Tovey and Weisse, and other leading musical figures. The correspondence is catalogued online.

Rare Books Directory - Donald Tovey

Archives Catalogue - Sir Donald Francis Tovey

Fully Digitised Music Manuscripts

Three of the CRC's most significant music manuscripts have been fully digitised and can be browsed using the Book Reader:

Wode's Partbooks

Thistlethwaite Manuscript

Instrumentalischer Bettlermantl

Singing the Reformation: The World of Reformation Britain as seen and heard in the Wode Psalter

From 2008 to 2011, the British Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded a project at the University of Edinburgh that culminated in exhibition at the 2011 Edinburgh Festival. For the very first time it brought together the eight surviving Part-books that comprise the Wode Psalter from Washington, Dublin, London and Edinburgh.

Singing the Reformation Project Webpage (please note this page is no longer updated)

Reid Concerts Database

Drawn extensively from the archival set of Reid Concert Programmes, this is a growing database, created by one of our volunteers and PhD student to chart the development and evolution of the Reid Concerts.

Reid Concerts Database