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Thomas Ryburn Buchanan

Fine books from a collector’s library.

Thomas Buchanan (1846-1911) was born in Lanarkshire but educated in Oxford where he took charge of the great Codrington Library at All Souls College. He entered politics as a Liberal, was first elected to Parliament as M.P. for Edinburgh in 1881. He ended his career as Parliamentary Under-Secretary for India.

His widow gave116 volumes to the Library in 1941. The collection is a bibliophile’s, and all the items exemplify fine printing, fine binding and/or distinguished provenance. These are some elegant editions of the classics in superb condition.

There are basic online listings for many of the books. The Centre for Research Collections maintains a detailed author and shelf catalogue with further details of provenance, bindings and imprints.

Shelfmarks: JA 2170-2246; JY 704-725; Inc.197.5