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Plans of Edinburgh and beyond

A wide range of atlases, plans and early maps can be found across Special Collections. There are particularly strong collections of maps of Scotland and particularly Edinburgh, including Post Office maps and a remarkable volume of fire insurance plans which was in use from 1892-1960 (RB.FF.156). Early foreign maps include three attractively-decorated “portolan” pilot charts drawn by Franciscus Oliva in Marseille in 1650 (Dc.1.40). There are also a significant number of Blaeu maps of Scotland, all catalogued online with shelfmarks beginning “Blaeu”. There are many maps in printed books - travel literature being one of the collection’s strengths - and in the archives and manuscripts, particularly in the collections relating to town planning or exploration.

An annotated checklist of atlases is available in the Centre for Research Collections.

The leading collection of maps in Scotland is held by the National Library of Scotland.