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Lewis Grassic Gibbon

Library of leading Scottish novelist.

Lewis Grassic Gibbon, whose real name was James Leslie Mitchell (1901-1935), is now regarded as one of the most important Scottish writers of the early 20th century. His reputation has steadily risen and his trilogy 'A Scots Quair' has been adapted for various different media. The books he collected in his lifetime, however, are very much the working collection of a man with broad interests and little money.

The collection was presented by his daughter, Mrs. Rhea Martin, in 1988, with a second part following in 1992. There are about about 300 volumes, mainly of English and Scottish literature, a few with presentation or ownership inscriptions. They contain classics of English and Scottish literature, works on history and culture, and may provide evidence about the sources for his historical and social novels.

The collection was reconstituted in 2009-2010, and the vast majority of the books are catalogued online with shelfmarks starting “Gibbon.” His manuscript collection is preserved in the National Library of Scotland.