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Manuscripts, Archives and Personal Papers

We hold several thousand linear metres of manuscripts & archives which have been acquired by gift, deposit or purchase. These collections are quite diverse but largely reflect our strengths in the areas of medical and scientific history, Scottish literature, Middle Eastern studies, architecture, music, gaelic & celtic studies and theology. Further acquisitions will enhance these strengths and, where appropriate, lay down foundations) for new ones.

These include

  • Early mediaeval and Middle Eastern manuscripts
  • Papers of major Scottish Enlightenment figures
  • Papers of major Scottish Scientists from the 17th century to the present
  • Papers of key figures in Scottish literature and culture
  • Drawings and papers of architects and town planners
  • Papers of former staff and alumni of the University

Please note that the University Archives are managed separately.


A lot of this material is not catalogued or relies on older paper-based catalogues and lists but we do have collection (fonds) level catalogues on the Archives Hub for a good proportion.

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