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Digital Archives and Preservation

Learn more about what digital preservation is, why it's important and how we manage our digital archives.

What is the Digital Archive service?

Find out about what the Centre for Research Collections currently provides in relation to its digital archive service and digital preservation.

What is Digital Preservation?

Paper records can remain accessible and readable for hundreds of years, provided they are appropriately housed, but to ensure the same longevity of digital records there are active steps which need to be taken.

What is web archiving?

Five images of the University of Edinburgh's homepage to demonstrate how the website has evolved
Web archiving is the process of using tools such as crawlers to collect web content for long-term preservation in an archive.

How do we look after digital archives?

Work with digital objects follows international standards and best practice to ensure the continued authenticity and accessibility of our digital collections.

Considering donating a digital collection?

What you need to know if you feel you have a digital collection you would like to donate or transfer to the archive.

Digital preservation policy

Read our current digital preservation policy, approved by the Knowledge Strategy Committee on 24th March 2017.