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Finding and submitting an assignment or test within Learn.

Looking for Help with Learn?

From the beginning of the 23/24 academic year, all new courses will be delivered using an updated Learn interface. In order to ensure that users can access support materials for current and previous year courses we have kept old support materials on Edweb pages and created a new Sharepoint Learn site full of useful resources for the new interface.

For Learn resources for current courses, please visit the Learn Sharepoint (University of Edinburgh users only).

Here you can access the most up-to-date information such as:

  • Good practice guidance
  • Training and support resources 
  • How to guides

To access support material for older courses please use the pages below as usual.



Your course teachers will provide you with instructions on how they would like you to submit any assignments. They will often be described as drop-boxes or submission areas, and will either be submitted directly in Learn or via a tool called Turnitin which is integrated into your Learn course. Once you have submitted your work you will see a confirmation message and be able to view your submitted work from the drop-box.

Submitting large files

When submitting large files it can take 20min+ to upload files via Learn dropbox. Once you click Submit the document will upload. Unfortunately there is no progress bar. If you can leave it and give it time it should upload.

If you're having difficulties submitting your file because it is too large, please see if your School offers any specific advice about file compression or submitting a large file within Learn or follow the advice below.

Reduce File Sizes

Before uploading, reduce file sizes for certain files such as:

Microsoft Office Files which consists of PowerPoint and Word files. The Reduce File Size option is located in the File menu.  Another option is to save these files as a PDF, which often makes smaller, read-only versions of the files.

Images - Use a graphics program to resize images for screen viewing before uploading.

Uploading a video presentation to Learn

Once you’ve opened the relevant dropbox, scroll down and click on the Write Submission button.

The content editor will open, you may have to press the button […] to expand it if you can only see the first row of buttons. The final button should be [+] click on it.

A pop up window will appear, click on Media Hopper Create Media under Additional Tools.

If you’ve already uploaded your video to Media Hopper Create Media, you should be able to select it here. If not, press + Add New.  You can then either do a Media Upload and upload a video you created earlier or Launch Desktop Recorder to record a new one.

Once that’s been done, click on </> Save and Embed

A pop up window will ask if you’d like to submit media as assignment, click Yes, please

You should see the video embedded in the editor.  Back in Learn, press the Submit button. 

More detailed instructions, including images, are on the document below.

What should I do if I can’t upload or submit my assignment?

If you are unable to upload or submit your assignment, contact your Course Organiser or Secretary to make them aware.

Please give yourself plenty of time to upload the document to avoid doing this minutes before the deadline.  

If you are having issues, some of the suggestions below may help:

  • Restart your internet connection
  • Reboot your computer and/or switch computers
  • Contact staff on your course
  • Contact IS Helpline
  • If your file will not upload, try logging out of Learn or MyEd completely along with closing your browser then login again.  If possible try using a different browser.
  • See if your file type is supported :  Supported Files Types for Learn Assignments or Supported File Types for Turnitin

Please see this video below for more advice with troubleshooting an assignment:


Tests may be used in some courses for testing pre-requisite knowledge, to aid revision, as self-feedback exercises, or to be completed before accessing areas of the course. Tests usually consist of one or more question which may be multiple-choice, and will often be automatically marked to give you instant feedback. In some cases, tests can be attempted unlimited times.


Still need help?

If you have a specific query that you need help with, please contact the IS Helpline.

Contact the IS Helpline