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Learn Apps

You can access your course materials on a mobile device using the appropriate app for your role in Learn.

There are two apps that are available : Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor. The apps are available on Android and iOS, and can be downloaded from the links below.

The key difference between the apps is that Blackboard will display courses that you are enrolled on as a student whereas Blackboard Instructor is for staff use on courses where they are enrolled as an instructor.


It is recommended that you download the Blackboard app, as this will allow you to view all your courses within Learn. 



  • Access to courses enrolled on as a student
  • Ability to download certain content and view offline
  • View and complete some assignments
  • Complete tests and quizzes in mobile friendly format
  • Take part in discussions


  • Activity Stream containing notifications and updates from your courses
  • Setup push notifications to be alerted about course activity
  • Review Due Dates


  • Access a mobile friendly view of grades across your courses

Blackboard is available for devices running iOS 11.0+ and Android 5.0+ 

Download for Android |iOS