Information Services

Learn User Group

The Learn User Group consists of stakeholders in the Learn service from across the University. The aim of the group is to provide feedback on how staff and students use the tools, and to offer a community where we can share our experiences of using Learn

What is the LUG?

School based Learning Technologist and/or key stakeholders are members of the Learn User Group (LUG).LUG members are school representatives that are tasked with representing school level interests\concerns\questions regarding  Learn. They are consulted on numerous aspects of the service (issues, upgrades, beta testing etc.) and have direct contact to Learn support staff. 

The LUG formally meets 4 times a year with informal online sessions used to discuss ad-hoc subjects.

Please speak to your School based learning technologist and/or power user for further information.

Should I join the LUG?

The LUG is for key stakeholders that can represent school level interests. LUG members may also have an escalated role within Learn (School Learn Support) and have an advanced knowledge of the service. If you would like to join the LUG please speak to the IS Helpline.