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Guest and Self-Enrol Course Access

With the introduction of Learn Ultra Base Navigation (UBN) on June 28, there will be changes to how self-enrol courses and guest courses are accessed.

Both types of courses will still be available after the upgrade to UBN, however, the way in which they are accessed will change. Please find instructions below.  

How to enrol onto a self-enrol course after the upgrade on 28th June 

Users need to search for self-enrol courses via the course catalogue: 

  1. Login to Learn  

  1. Select ‘Course Catalogue’ in the top right corner      

self enrol courses list
  1. The ‘Search catalogue’ options will load. Enter the course name in the search catalogue section and select ‘Go’. If you aren’t sure what the name of the course is, try ‘Browse Categories’. 

self enrol courses add
  1. Expand the options menu next to the relevant Course ID (you’ll need to hover over it). Select ‘enrol’.  

  1. The self-enrol overlay will load providing further course information. Select ‘Submit’. An enrolment success screen will load. Then select OK to access the course. 

How to access a guest course  

The course catalogue shown on the Learn Ultra log in page

Guest courses can still be accessed using either the course’s URL, or through the Learn login page. Both methods have slight changes, see below: 

  • URLs - The upgrade to Ultra Base Navigation (UBN) includes an update to the platform URL that will impact existing direct web addresses being used to access guest courses. These addresses must be updated in order to work. There is a tool which will provide the new address of the guest course in advance of the UBN upgrade.  

  • Learn login page - Access to guest courses is also possible through the course catalogue within Learn. Users can search for guest courses via the course catalogue using the below steps:  

  1. Go to the Login page and select ‘View Course Catalogue’ 

  1. The ‘Search catalogue’ options will load. Enter the course name in the search catalogue section and select ‘Go’.  

  1. The course list will populate with the relevant courses. Click on the Course ID of the relevant course. The guest course will load in a new overlay.