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Find out more about our training programme and associated self-support materials.


In addition to the self-support materials there are a number of training sessions and events throughout the year organised by the IS Digital Skills and Training teams and more information is available from their website. This training is aimed at instructors, course organisers and administrative staff who have editing privileges for courses.

The Learn Service Team will also provide consultancy and workshops on request where appropriate. If you are interested in Learn consultancy, or would like to arrange a future workshop for a group of people, please contact the IS Helpline with a detailed request.

Upcoming Events

A number of training sessions are available see below. In addition, training in more advanced uses of Learn, and digital skills more broadly, is also available. They can be booked on MyEd Event Booking.

The links below will take you to the booking page for the next course.

Course Title Course description Dates and Booking
Creating a welcoming environment for students in Learn
  • Identify the basic elements that a student expects to find in their course
  • Copy content from the web into Learn
  • Add hyperlinks to a course
  • Understand the implications of Accessibility and use available tools
  • Add contacts to learn


Building an accessible course in Learn
  • Create a content area for learning and teaching activities
  • Copy items from other courses
  • Add content from media hopper
  • Add a link to Resource Lists
  • Add a link to lecture recordings
  • Upload a file to Learn
  • Understand the basic implications of copyright and identify open resources
  • Understand the implications of Accessibility and use available tools


Building communities in Learn using blogs, wikis and discussion boards

  • Set up a blog
  • Set up a wiki
  • Set up a discussion board and forum
  • Identify good practice in the use of communication tools in Learn

Creating and managing groups in Learn

  • Add group activities
  • Understand the different group types
  • Add information to group settings
  • View groups as a student
  • Add tools to a group
  • Email a group
  • Use adaptive release with a group
  • Manage users in groups
  • Create Smart views of groups

Good practice for online submission through Learn

  • Identify good practice in creating assessments
  • Set up an assessment content area
  • Identify and add appropriate assessment information
  • Add hyperlinks to a course
  • Add folders (for assignments)
  • Add examples of previous assessment
  • Add a Learn and /or Turnitin assignment drop-box
  • Submit an assignment as preview_user
  • View an assignment and enter a mark
  • Send an email reminder through the grade centre


Learn Grade Centre Overview 

  • Set up your grade centre
  • Add columns to the grade centre
  • View an assignment through the grade centre
  • Edit marks in the grade centre
  • Download the grade centre
  • Send an email reminder through the grade centre


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Getting Help

If you have a question regarding Learn then send an email to the IS Helpline with details.

Further information and support

For further help with using Learn, including guides, videos and reference materials, please see the Learn pages for staff and students.