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Find out more about our training programme and associated self-support materials.


In addition to the self-support materials there are a number of training sessions and events throughout the year organised by the IS Digital Skills and Training teams and more information is available from their website. This training is aimed at instructors, course organisers and administrative staff who have editing privileges for courses.

The Learn Service Team will also provide consultancy and workshops on request where appropriate. If you are interested in Learn consultancy, or would like to arrange a future workshop for a group of people, please contact the IS Helpline with a detailed request.

Upcoming Events

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Learning Outcomes

(By the end of the course you will be able to:)


(participant should have either completed the course or be experienced with the skills outlined)

Dates/Times Materials
Learn Basics

Log in to Learn

Navigate the 'My Learn' Area

Use the "My Courses' list settings

Personalise the Notifications Dashboard

Access the 'My Blackboard' area

Add an avatar

Create announcements

Add contacts to learn

Access the Calendar

Manipulate the content within a calendar






Course Recording 

Creating a Course in Learn

Navigate around the Course Area

Use Student Preview

Understand the course menu structure

Identify the different roles available

Understand different content types available

Create a content item

Understand the content editor

Copy text from the web into Learn and format appropriately

Add hyperlinks to a course

Upload a file to Learn

Copy items from other courses

Move items within a course

Add folders

Use adaptive release

Add content from media hopper

Add a link to lecture recordings

Access and navigate the content collection

Learn Basics




Course Recording 

Assignments in Learn

Identify good practice in creating assessments

Set up an assessment content area

Identify appropriate assessment information

Add a Learn and /or Turnitin assignment drop-box

Understand the benefit of adding previous assessment examples

Import a rubric

Create a rubric

Learn Basics

Creating a Course in Learn



Course Recording 

Learn Grade Centre - Introduction

Review and grade assignments

Set up your grade centre 

Add columns to the grade centre 

Send an email reminder through the grade centre 

Download and upload to the grade centre 

Learn Basics

Creating a Course in Learn

Assignments in Learn



Course Recording 

Learn Grade Centre - Advanced

Use categories in the grade centre

Create smart views

Create and apply marking schema

Create Marking periods

Use weightings

Create calculated columns

Learn Grade Centre - beginner



Course Recording 

Using Groups in Learn

Understand the different group types

Access and manage the groups pages

Import and Export Groups

View groups as a student

Create groups with manual enrolment

Edit Groups

Set up a group assignment

Create a Smart View to view the activity of students in a group

Add information to group settings

Delete a Group

Add tools to a group

Set up self-enrol tutorial groups

Identify good practice in the use of Learn communication tools

Email a group

Learn Basics

Creating a Course in Learn



Course Recording 

Communication tools in Learn

Identify good practice in the use of Learn communication tools

Set up and use a wiki

Set up and use a journal

Set up and use a discussion board and forums

Set up and use a blog

Create a link to collaboration tools within a course.

Learn Basics

Creating a Course in Learn



Course Recording

Marking  Learn Assignments using BbAnnotate

Access an unmarked assignment

Use the thumbnail view

Expand and collapse panels

Adjust the page view

Search an assignment

Access and use the annotation tools

Add to the content library

Apply a comment from the content library

Delete an annotation

Add general feedback

Add private marking notes

Mark the assignment

View and use a rubric

Assignments in Learn

Learn Grade Centre - Introduction



Course Recording 

Learn Tests, Surveys and Pools

Create a test/survey

Understand the different question types available

Deploy a test/survey

How to grade tests or surveys

Delete a test/survey

How to create a pool

How to edit existing Pools

How to export existing Tests, Surveys or Pools

Learn Basics

Creating a Course in Learn

Assignments in Learn



Course Recording 

Learn Clinic Follow up for people attending courses the previous week  




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Getting Help

If you have a question regarding Learn then send an email to the IS Helpline with details.

Further information and support

For further help with using Learn, including guides, videos and reference materials, please see the Learn pages for staff and students.