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Getting Started

How to log into Learn and find your way around.

This video provides a brief introduction to using Learn. It gives information on how to login, find your courses, and also highlights other key navigation options. 

Logging in

Access Learn via MyEd

Use the Learn button in the Learn MyEd channel to take you to your My Learn landing page. You will also find direct links to each course you are currently enrolled on, and notifications of any course announcements made through Learn.

MyEd Learn Channel

Access Learn Directly

You can also access the Learn site directly from

From the homepage you will see a large Login to Learn button. Once logged in you will be taken to your My Learn landing page.

Your courses

 You may have access to courses over a number of academic years and you can choose to group your courses by session if you prefer.

If you cannot see a course in your list that you would expect to see, please contact your School's Learning Technologist or the IS Helpline.

Courses in Learn

  • You will only see courses for the current academic year in the MyEd channel. For a full list of all your Learn courses use the Learn link.


Site Menu

The tabs at the top of the page will remain in place on all areas of the Learn site, and will give you quick access to the My Learn page, as well as a help section and a list of courses that are available for self-enrol.

Course Menu

This menu will remain on the side of the screen on all of your course pages to allow quick access across the different course pages. You can choose to collapse this menu if you require more screen space. There is also a breadcrumb bar to help you see which section of the course you are currently viewing.

Video: Learn menu
Learn menu

Your profile & notifications

Above the main menu tabs you will be able to see the global navigation menu (it's a clickable version of your name). You can open this from any page and access information that is personal to you. This might include notifications from your courses, information about grades, and also links for customising your settings and updating your profile information.


Blackboard provides detailed descriptions of the different accessibility options that are available within Learn. Learn provides users access to Quick Links and keyboard navigation as well as a series of customisation options which are available within your profile settings.  

Any content that you upload into your courses should be presented according to accessibility guidelines

Find out more about Accessibility and Learn.


These webpages act as a self-help guide for using Learn, the information has been broken into areas of interest for those who use the Learn VLE.

If you have been unable to find what you are looking for within the menu or via searching please give us some feedback via IS Helpline.

There is excellent documentation and training available directly from Blackboard via the links below:


Still need help?

If you have a specific query that you need help on then please contact the IS Helpline and one of our team will be able to assist you with your query.

Contact the IS Helpline