Information Services

Troubleshooting (FAQ)

Hints and tips for staff who are experiencing problems when using Learn.

Browser check

If you are having problems using Learn, it is worth checking that the browser you are using is compatible.  Blackboard provide a browser checker which will help.

I can’t see my courses in Learn

Possible solutions:

More courses link in Learn
View more courses if your course list is very long
  • Expand your course view.  If you have a long list of courses, click on the ‘more courses’ link which should be visible at the bottom of the block.

  • You may have hidden your course by accident.  Find out how to personalise your Learn experience.

  • If neither of those help, contact another member of staff in the course team and ask them to check your enrolment status on the course.  If you are the course organiser or course secretary in EUCLID, you should be automatically added to the course so if you are having problems, please contact the IS Helpline.  If you aren't either of these roles, you can be added to the course manually by another member of the team.


I can’t edit my course materials

Edit mode button on
Edit mode should be on when you are making changes to content

Possible solutions:

  • 'Edit mode' has been switched off.   The Edit mode button is under the banner, top right. Ensure it is green/on to allow editing options to be available.
  • Check you have the right permissions to allow editing on the course - speak to other course team members and ask them to check.


Further help

It is worth a look at our known issues page for Learn if these troubleshooting suggestions don't help.

If you are still having problems, please contact the IS Helpline.