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Instructors, in Learn, have the ability to manage enrolments within a course.

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From the beginning of the 23/24 academic year, all new courses will be delivered using an updated Learn interface. In order to ensure that users can access support materials for current and previous year courses we have kept old support materials on Edweb pages and created a new Sharepoint Learn site full of useful resources for the new interface.

For Learn resources for current courses, please visit the Learn Sharepoint (University of Edinburgh users only).

Here you can access the most up-to-date information such as:

  • Good practice guidance
  • Training and support resources 
  • How to guides

To access support material for older courses please use the pages below as usual.


EUCLID Enrolment

If your course has been created directly from EUCLID then the students who are registered to this course will be automatically enrolled on the course as students. Information stored in EUCLID is regarded as the "golden-copy" for course and enrolment information.

Learn is synchronised against the EUCLID records for courses and enrolments twice daily. This process will add any new students who have been enrolled in a course as a student or class-only. Any students who have been removed from a course in EUCLID will have their status within the Learn course set to unavailable which effectively prevents the student from accessing this course again in Learn.

Students who require read-only access to a course can be set as "Class Only" within EUCLID. Class Only students in EUCLID are then enrolled in Learn courses with the matching role allowing that person access to course content but they cannot participate in the course activities and assessments.

You should note, because the EUCLID roster is the golden-copy for enrolment information any changes that you make to a students availability or role within the Learn course will be overridden by the EUCLID feed if the data is different.

We recommend that you use EUCLID enrolment where possible. If you are making manual enrolment changes to the courses please take a note of this and the reasons you have made this decision. This information will be useful to the support teams should you require support from IS Helpline relating to your Learn course.

Shared Courses

In some cases there is a need for students enrolled in more than one course instance in EUCLID to be able to use the same course inside Learn. We have created a shared course feed to allow for this.

For example, staff may wish to request a shared course:

  • where EUCLID has separate delivery instances for local and visiting undergraduates but the course taken by each group is the same.
  • where you wish to give students on several different courses access to a shared Learn course for common documents and discussions, e.g. all students on the same year of a programme.

More information on Shared Courses

Manual Enrolment

Instructors have the ability to add additional users into the courses that they manage. They are able to add additional instructors, students and any of the other course roles that are available.

Users can be managed from the "Users and Groups" tools in the Course Management menu options.

How to manually enrol a user

If you are an instructor on a course you have the ability to add additional people into your course and give them appropriate permissions.

  1. In the course management options, select "Users and Groups", and click on the Users link
  2. You will be taken to a page which shows all users who are enrolled on your course. You can search and filter this list to see if the user you wish to add is already enrolled
  3. To enrol a user into the course you need to click on the "Find Users to Enrol" button in the action bar
  4. If you know the users UUN you can type this directly into the username box
    1. You can enter multiple UUNs as a comma separated list in the username area
  5. Alternatively you can search for a user by clicking on the "Browse" button
    1. Use the search window that opens to search for users by first name, last name, or email address
    2. Select each user that you wish to enrol onto the course
  6. Once you have identified all users who you wish to add to the course you need to give them a roleand select if you want the course to be available to them now
  7. Click submit to add your selected users to the course

Bulk Enrol

There may be a time when you require to enrol a large number of people onto a single course, or enrol a group of people onto multiple courses at once. It is possible to request a Bulk Enrol onto courses via the IS Helpline by completing the spreadsheet with the appropriate information of which people (identified by UUN) you would like enrolled onto which courses (identified by Learn courseID), and which role you would like them to have in the course.

Please note this should be done in situations where EUCLID enrolment is not available or appropriate. Care should be taken when requesting a bulk enrol procedure as it is not possible to bulk un-enrol people from courses and this needs to be done manually by the course Instructors and is a very time consuming process.

Spreadsheet Templates

Below are links to example spreadsheets and CSV files that can be used to request a bulk enrol for your courses. Please note that each row is a separate enrolment.


Making a bulk enrol request

When completing a request using the spreadsheet you will notice that each row is for one enrolment. i.e. each row will create an enrolment for one user to be enrolled into one course. If you require the same person to be enrolled into multiple courses then you will need to create one row per course.

The following information is required to request a bulk-enrol

  • Course ID - This is the Learn Course code and can be found in the course management menu of your specific course via: Customisation > Properties
  • UUN - This is the UUN for the member of staff or student that you would like enrolled. If you do not know the UUN please include their email and make a note in your request that you were not sure of the UUN.
  • Role - Please indicate which role you would like the user to be enrolled in. (Instructor, Student, Class Only, Teaching Assistant, Staff Participant)

Please double check your information before sending your request to IS Helpline. Any errors in data may cause the bulk enrol not to work, and mistakes to enrolments have to be changed manually by course Instructors.

You can send your completed bulk enrol requests to IS Helpline (see contact button below) with the subject heading of "Learn - Bulk Enrol Request"

Blackboard Help | Manage Users

Unenrolling Users

Users should be unenrolled via EUCLID to ensure parity between the two systems. When a user is unenrolled their enrolment is disabled and hidden in the course. Any work they have submitted is not deleted. Enabling the user (via EUCLID) will make the user able to access the course plus any work they had previously submitted.

You should note, because the EUCLID roster is the golden-copy for enrolment information any changes that you make to a students availability or role within the Learn course will be overridden by the EUCLID feed if the data is different.

Deleting Users

Users cannot be deleted from courses, they can be disabled. This is to mitigate against accidental users deletion and subsequent loss of work.

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