Information Services

Uploading files into a content item

Uploading files with the item text editor

Uploading files with the item text editor offers more accessibility and features. For example, you can select the Open in New window option and provide alt text.

  1. Add a new content item.
  2. Select Insert File from the formatting toolbar on the editor (paper clip icon on text editor toolbar).
  3. Use the Browse options that appear to find and select file/s from:
    1. your Computer
    2. the Learn Content Collection
    3. Cloud Storage e.g. OneDrive (may require additional authentication on first use)
    4. a URL
  4. Ensure the link to the file has a meaningful name.
  5. Add alternative text to describe the purpose of the file.
  6. Click Submit to add the file to the content item. This will return you to the content item editing screen.
  7. Click Submit when finished editing your content item.