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Introduction to content types in Learn

A description of the common content types you can add to your Learn course.

There are many types of content you can add to your Learn course. We are going to focus on the most commonly used content types.

The most common content types are described below:



Item Add any type of file, text, image or link with optional descriptive text. Items can be used to present a combination of content. The functions in the editor allow formatting of the text, file attachment, embedding of multimedia, insert equations, links, and tables.
File Add a file with a title, but no additional text. A description cannot be added with the link, therefore it is not accessible practice to use this method to add files.   We’d recommend adding files as attachment to Item content types as an alternative.
Audio Add an audio file – includes autostart and loop options.
Image Add an image – includes image dimension and border options.  Do not only use images to convey any important text information as these are not accessible. Use alternative text descriptions to give a clear and succinct description of what the image is for screen reader users. Alt text defines what this file is for a visually impaired or blind user using assistive technology, such as screen readers.
Web link A link to an outside website or resource. Use a meaningful name for the link.
Content folder Add folders and sub-folders to organise content items.