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Video Assignments

Information about creating an assignment drop-box in Learn to allow students to submit their Media Hopper files for feedback or assessment.

Instructions for Media Hopper Create in Learn

The link below will take you to instructions for using Media Hopper Create in Learn:

Media Hopper Create (Learn)

Submitted Content

When a video is submitted as an assessment to Media Hopper Create there's a copy stored outwith the Create interface, which is independent to the one that students can see in their 'My Media' library.  Any edits that a student makes to the availability, metadata, etc. of this content do not affect the submitted entry.

Where is it stored?

This video content is stored in the same place as all other content on Media Hopper Create (on approved external servers), but outwith that service's library of entries.  This does not impact Learn course storage limits.

Who has access to it and for how long?

The content is accessible to whomever would be able to view submissions for that assessment in Learn, same as a text entry submitted in the same manner.  Students can see a duplicate copy in their 'My Media' page in Media Hopper Create.  In addition to that, people with administrator access to Media Hopper Create can see the content.  This is limited to support staff in the Media Team and staff who work for the supplier company Kaltura, which they would be able to access for support purposes.

This content is subject to the same retention policy as Media Hopper Create.