Information Services

Tests and Surveys

Learn has a tool for creating a series of questions that can be attempted by students. These are ideal for formative assessment and can include question types such as: multiple choice, pair matching, and image hotspot.

Why use a Test in Learn?

Tests are a great way to test a student's knowledge on a subject, the majority of the questions can be auto-marked and deliver timely feedback that can help enhance the students understanding of a subject and help them make improvements in their knowledge. Tests can be made available to test prior knowledge, check progress, or aid revision. It is possible to allow students to take multiple attempts at a test, or take the test within restricted date/time constraints.

What questions types are available?

There is a long list of question types available within your test. Many of these questions frame an MCQ question in a variety of different layouts, others test the student's ability to recall their knowledge and enter in a value rather than picking the best available option.

What is a Learn Survey?

A survey in Learn is very similar to a Test however the responses are always anonymous and it is not possible to see what answers each student has submitted. It can be a useful tool for quick polls or feedback, however it is not as suitable for longer surveys where you want to be able to report on the data.

We would recommend the use of the Online Survey tool (formerly Bristol Online Survey) when you need a more complex survey, or if you need to do more detailed analysis on the data.