Information Services

Assessment & Feedback

Information on types of assessment, how to set them up and give marks and feedback through Learn.

Learn has tools to manage the submission of assessments such as assignments and tests. These tools also facilitate grading and feedback from within the course.

Types of Assessment

How to use the range of assessment types available for formative and summative activities within your Learn course.

Choosing your assignment tool

Assignments are used to allow students to submit work ready for marking and feedback. This section will offer guidance on Learn Assignments and how they differ from Turnitin Assignments.

Setting Up Assignments

How to set up an assignment using the tools built into Learn.

Managing Grades

The Learn Grade Centre is the central marking and feedback channel for organising assessments and their grades within Learn. It can be used to manage marks and feedback for both summative and formative assessments.

Inline Marking

BB Annotate is a tool for use with Learn Assignments that allows staff to annotate student files directly within the browser.