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Learn Integrations - Piazza

Piazza is a third party discussion board tool that has been integrated with Learn. 

Piazza link in Learn Ultra content market
To Add Piazza

Piazza can be added to your course from the Content Market. Clicking on the Piazza tile in the Content Market will launch the tool, to embed a link into your course, click on the 'plus' icon.

Accessing for the first time

When any user clicks on the Piazza link, but do not have an associated email address they are asked for the following information:

  • Email address: Auto-populated from LTI (non-editable)

  • Name: Auto-populated from LTI (editable)

  • Role: Auto-populated from LTI (non-editable)

Email confirmation with a code is sent automatically. The code must be entered in the next screen.

Setup Piazza Room (Instructor)

Either click on the link within a course or “Create link to Piazza”.

School information - This is automatically populated and non-editable

Create your class on Piazza
  • Class name: Auto-populated with Course name from LTI (editable)

  • Class number: Auto-populated with Course ID from LTI (editable)
  • Estimated Enrolment: Must be set by instructor
  • Term: Values in dropdown menu are auto-populated by Piazza  
Already have a class on Piazza/Want to join classes together?

-    Course Number: auto-populated with Course ID from LTI (editable)

Configuring your class
  • Course start date: automatically set to same day as link created
  • Instructor Self-signup: Should be left as Disabled  

There are different ways to enrol users into a Piazza class; however, we recommend only adding users by getting them to click through the link in Learn.  

Points to note
  • Class rosters are not synced through the integration
    • Users are added when they click on the course link or added using Piazza interface
    • Users will not be removed automatically if they leave the course
  • There is no integration with UoE Logins
    • Users need a Piazza account – Setting up of which is streamlined through the integration
    • If a user already has a Piazza account with a different email address, they two accounts can be merged by following the instructions at: 
  • If a Teaching Assistant (TA) tries to access the link, an email is sent to all instructors on the course asking to be provided access. Once this is granted, they are given TA access to Piazza