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Course structure

A course structure has been created in order to improve the consistency of courses.

A large amount of research has gone in to creating the recommended Learn course structure featured below. This included a desktop research review of existing course structures both within the University and in other institutions. However the most influential advice came through a programme of user research which included a series of surveys and interviews. This resulted in over 4000 interactions with staff and students of the university which helped to guide the creation of the course structure.


When a course has been well organised, it's definitely had an impact on how I feel, and like I'm ready to do this, and I feel like I'm supported with the necessary material.

University of Edinburgh student


The Learn Foundations team co-created this Learn template to bring structure into Learn courses to make it easier for students to find course specific materials and ensure Learn is used more consistently across the University.   This was achieved with the help of both students and staff to support in the University's strategy to become a world leader in digital education.


Learn course structure

The video below takes you through the different elements of the structure.


Video: Learn Walk Through
Walk through of template structure