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Learn checklist

This checklist is designed to provide guidance and assistance on setting up your Learn course by following good practice and University policy.

Having an institution-wide approach to basic course structure, and course terminology, will help to alleviate needless confusion caused by basic inconsistencies. It will also mean that there is still the required flexibility to structure good teaching within courses. This checklist is not intended to be prescriptive, it is designed to be used as both a prompt and guide for developing your course. 

*denotes information provided through automation i.e. drawn and populated automatically from other systems such as EUCLID

If you require instruction in how to complete any of the tasks outlined below we suggest you first access the inline help available in Learn.

The stepped approach outlines the potential development of a course. Get Started outlines the initial requirements Get Going builds on these and Get Inspired provides ideas for further improvements. 

stepped diagram

Policies and additional guidance:

Accessible and Inclusive learning policy

Guidance for good academic practice and referencing

IAD Course and Programme Design Advice

UoE Image collections

Use of Resource Lists

Good practice in use of Turnitin



Click on the link below to download the checklist.

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