Information Services

Learn Backup

This can only be requested through contacting the IS helpline. This should only be used when significant content has been lost and not in place of a 'trash' or 'recycle' bin.

We hold automated backups of courses within Learn for up to 28 days. We also have snapshots of content from before that period. 

If you need to restore elements of courses which have been lost, then you should follow the procedure outlined below:

  1. Contact IS Helpline, include:

    •  the course ID
    • the date when the content to be restored was present
  2. The course will be recreated as a manual course and you will be enrolled.
  3. Copy the required content from the restored manual course in to your 'live' course, using the instructions here.
  4. The restored copy will be deleted after 7 days or once we have confirmation you have copied the relevant information.

Do not enrol users on to the restored course, it is a temporary course designed to only be used to host content that can be copied.

Please be aware that due to their nature, discussion board posts and assignments may require additional work to restore.