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Known issues

A list of known issues affecting the Learn service, what workarounds are available and how we are working to resolve them.

From time-to-time you may experience some unexpected behaviour from the Learn environment. If this is the case you can check our list of known issues for more information. We welcome feedback on Learn so we can continue to improve the service.





Adaptive Release

When adding an adaptive release rule to a course with groups an additional release criteria is being added.

After applying the adaptive release criteria, click on the item’s context menu followed by “Adaptive Release Advanced”. Remove the membership criteria from the list and save.


Adaptive Release When using the Mobile App marking an item of content as 'Reviewed' does not work. This functionality works in a mobile browser, we recommend using the mobile browser when marking an item as reviewed. This is intended behaviour in the Mobile App.

Overdue  Notifications

This issue is where students who have submitted assessments to anonymised Blackboard Learn or Turnitin droboxes are receiving Learn notification emails stating an assessment is overdue.

To ensure these notifications are not seen by students, Instructors can:

  • Go to Learn course GradeCentre
  • Click the dropdown arrow next to the assessment column title
  • Select Edit Column settings
  • Within the Dates section untick Due date
  • Submit


Blackboard are working on a fix for this issue.

Links in Emails

Links to material in Learn sent via an email don't work\allow access to Learn

Login to Learn or MyEd initially before clicking on link

Ongoing issue with authentication.

Collaborate  Sessions for Class  Only students

Class Only students cannot access the main screen for Collaborate sessions

Instructors should copy the Guest Link, found in the session information, and add to the course content area. Class Only students will be able to use this link to access sessions.

We are working with Blackboard to fix this issue.

The Learn service team are keen for users to provide feedback/suggestions on the service and the tools available within Learn. 

If you experience an issue with any aspect of Learn please: