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Accessibility resources for using Learn

Find out more about the accessibility of Learn and how to use it with assistive technology.

Accessibility compliance

Blackboard's website provides helpful information about Learn's accessibility:


Using Learn with assistive technology

Learn can be used with assistive technology:

JAWS - the advice given suggests that JAWS only works with Learn if used with specific browsers: Google Chrome or Firefox.

If you want help using assistive technology or wish to find out more about what is available to you:

SensusAccess - a service for converting documents into alternative formats

If you want to convert electronic documents to alternative formats such as audio, e-book or digital Braille - we have a service called SensusAccess that may help.  There is a helpful page about SensusAccess on the Student Disability Service website which includes guidance on how to use the service.  The service is available to all University of Edinburgh students and staff.