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Help materials

Useful help pages, videos and pdf guides to support PebblePad

If you have any queries regarding how to start using Pebble+ or ATLAS, please visit the PebblePad help pages as you are likely to find the answer there.

The Education Design and Engagement (EDE) team has also produced the following how-to guides covering basic features of Pebble+ and ATLAS:

Please note that the last two guides only apply to users who have the role of managers/course leaders in ATLAS.

You may also find useful the PebblePadBasic video guides created by PebblePad which explain how to use basic functions of PebblePad (including both ATLAS and Pebble+)

If your cannot find your answer in any of the aforementioned resources, please contact the IS Helpline direct at and make sure that you provide the following information:

  • Are you experiencing a technical problem or do you want to learn how to use PebblePad?
  • Is your query relating to Pebble+ or ATLAS? 

If you are experiencing problems creating, copying or sharing a resource or asset, it is likely that your query is relating to Pebble+. If you are experiencing problems accessing a student's submission, workspace or feedback template, then you are using ATLAS.

  • If your query is relating to ATLAS, please include the link to the ATLAS workspace in your email or the workspace ID number. It is not enough including the title of the workspace in your query as several workspaces may have the same title in ATLAS. It is the ID number which differentiates workspaces in ATLAS.
  • For technical queries, please specifiy the error message that you are experiencing and, if possible, please  attach a screenshot displaying the error that you are encountering.