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Help materials

Useful help pages, videos and pdf guides to support PebblePad

If you have any queries regarding how to start using Pebble+ or ATLAS, please visit the PebblePad help pages as you are likely to find the answer there.

The Education Design and Engagement (EDE) team has also produced the following how-to guides covering basic features of Pebble+ and ATLAS:

Please note that the last two guides only apply to users who have the role of managers/course leaders in ATLAS.

You may also find useful the PebblePadBasic video guides created by PebblePad which explain how to use basic functions of PebblePad (including both ATLAS and Pebble+).

PebblePad - Learn Ultra LTI Tool

The new LTI 1.3 is now available in the Content Market for all users in Learn Ultra.

For those Schools which rely on Pebble+/Atlas without an LTI link in Learn – there is no need to change any of your workflows.

The PebblePad LTI tool in Learn Ultra enables the following:

  • Single Sign On from Learn Ultra to PebblePad
  • The creation of launch links to Pebble+ and ATLAS
  • The ability to create ATLAS workspaces from Learn Ultra courses. This automatically synchronises students and instructors in the new workspace with the appropriate role.
  • Synchronisation of grades from a workspace to the Learn gradebook.
  • Link directly from Learn to specific templates or workbooks for students to complete.

Full instructions on how to set up and use the Pebble+ and ATLAS LTI in Learn can be found here:

Further help

If your cannot find your answer in any of the aforementioned resources, please contact the IS Helpline direct at and make sure that you provide the following information:

  • Are you experiencing a technical problem or do you want to learn how to use PebblePad?
  • Is your query relating to Pebble+ or ATLAS? 

If you are experiencing problems creating, copying or sharing a resource or asset, it is likely that your query is relating to Pebble+. If you are experiencing problems accessing a student's submission, workspace or feedback template, then you are using ATLAS.

  • If your query is relating to ATLAS, ideally please include the link to the ATLAS workspace in your email or the workspace ID number.
  • For any technical queries, please specifiy the error message that you are experiencing and, if possible, please  attach a screenshot displaying the error that you are encountering.