Information Services

Support services

Help and support available for PebblePad users

Support for PebblePad is available via the following departments:

Information Services Helpline (email:

The Helpline is the first port of call both for existing and new users. Please contact the IS Helpline is you are experiencing any technical glitch while using PebblePad or you have any queries regarding the use of Pebble+ and ATLAS, such as creation of workspaces, enrolment of members, management of assets and resources, etc.

If you are a tutor and you want to start using PebblePad as a digital portfolio, please indicate so in your call, and provide the following information:

  1.  The course or programme that you would be interested in using PebblePad for.
  2. The number of students enrolled in the programme and the expected number of assignments.
  3. The type of assessment that you are considering (e.g., multimedia assessment, written essays, etc.).
  4. A brief description of the marking workflow (e.g., if the marking process would require double marking or any form of moderation process).
  5. Estimated timeline to start using PebblePad

Your call will be passed to the Educational Design and Engagement Team (EDE) which will help you to get started with PebblePad.