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How to access PebblePad via MyEd, direct link, and mobile.

Access from your computer

Staff and students can access PebblePad via the channel on MyEd.

  • For students, the channel will appear under the "Studies" tab.
  • For staff who are associated with an academic college, the channel will appear under the "Teaching" tab.
  • For professional services staff,  you need to add the PebblePad channel clicking on 'Customise' just under the red 'Home' tab on the main horizontal navigation bar. Then simply start to type "PebblePad" in the search box and the list of channels on the right will start to auto-filter. When you see the PebblePad channel click and hold on it and drag to the page.

Alternatively, you can access Pebble+ directly via this link.

Please note that Pebble+ will open in a new window, so it is important that you have pop-ups enabled.

Mobile access

If you try to access PebblePad from any mobile device you will automatically be delivered the mobile version, which has slightly less functionality.

PebblePad also has an app for Android and iOS, called PebblePocket, which can be used in places with no internet access. Assets created in PebblePocket can be saved, and then sent to your Asset Store in Pebble+ when you are in a place with internet access.

Access post-graduation

If you would like to continue using PebblePad after leaving the University, you can transfer your University account to your personal Pebble+ account (at no additional cost) and continue using it for as long as you need to after graduation. This allows you to continue engaging with, and building on, your PebblePad assets as you progress into your professional career or further study. With the ability to be able to openly share assets and presentations from Pebble+ on the web you might think about sharing evidence of your ongoing development as part of future applications or ongoing reflective practice.

To create your free Pebble+ account to be used beyond graduation:

  • log in to PebblePad
  • click on the "burger menu" in the top-left corner of the screen
  • go to the Additional Settings section and select "Free Alumni Accounts" to register

You must do this while your university account is still active, but make sure only to do so after you have finished submitting work or receiving feedback through PebblePad. If in any doubt, please contact your course organiser.

Exporting your assets

If you are not interested in using PebblePad after you have left the University, you may still want to archive all your current assets on a USB stick or any other drive. To do so:

  • log in to PebblePad
  • go to your 'Asset Store'
  • select an asset
  • if it is a file you can download it (from the View mode)
  • if it is a PebblePad asset (e.g. blog, webfolio, workbook, etc.), once opened click on the "I want to..." button and select the "Print" option
  • all PebblePad assets can be exported as PDF files using the "Print" method