Information Services

An Edinburgh Online Teaching Toolkit

Resources for teaching online. This Toolkit was originally designed to support An Edinburgh Model for Teaching Online developed by Information Services Group and the Centre for Research in Digital Education.

Learning Environments

Infographic - woman surfing the internet
If you are thinking: What are they? Which one(s) will I be using? How do I use them?

Feedback and Assessment

Infographic - students chatting on campus
If you are thinking: How do I create/deliver online assessments and feedback? What tools can/should I use? Where do I find them?

Learning Design

If you are thinking: Where do I start in developing an online course? What tools do I need to use? Why do I need to plan my online teaching?

Communication and Collaboration

Infographic - online discussion
If you are thinking: How should I communicate with my students? Can my students use blogs? How do I set them up? What about social media?

Activities and Content

Infographic - Old College
If you are thinking: What do I put into the Virtual Learning Environment? Where do I find content/images? How do I organise group work?

Digital Skills

Infographic - woman on sofa with social media symbols
If you are thinking: How can I keep up with all this digital stuff? How can I find out about my own digital capabilities? What help is there?

Recognising digital teaching and learning design practice: accreditation and qualifications

If you are thinking: How do I gain formal recognition for all the hard work I've put in?