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Remote Media Creation

Whether you are creating online course content or generating your own media projects, you may have the occasion to film and edit remotely using your own equipment.  We have created a series of short video tutorials to help you create high quality video content from home.

This page is designed as a general resource guide to get you started, with links to tutorials and software recommendations to assist you with various types of media creation. For more comprehensive courses about filming on your smartphone and mobile recording equipment loans, please visit DIY Filmschool.

Desktop recording guidance is also available at Media Hopper Create.

Please note:  Any third-party software applications listed below are suggestions only and technical support is not provided by the University. 

Remote filming and editing

A man is seen recording with his mobile phone
Short video guides and software recommendations to help you create high quality online videos.

Remote interview recording

Record high quality interviews and conversations for online videos.

Remote audio recording and editing

A finger is seen moving a button on a production deck
Software applications to help you record audio for podcasts and voiceovers.