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Submit a MOOC Proposal

You can discuss or submit your proposal for a MOOC by contacting the Online Course Production team.

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are one form of short online course that provide a fantastic vehicle for the University to share knowledge with a global audience of learners, and to achieve our strategic priorities.

The University has a formal MOOC approval process where the MOOC Strategy Group reviews the proposal. This group is chaired by Colm Harman and members include a number of assistant or vice principals, or their representatives. Proposals will be collated and submitted to the Group for review throughout the year. 

The Online Course Production (OCP) team are available for initial consultation on projects and to assist with the development of costed estimates. Where relevant, ISG may work with Schools or Colleges to identify alternative funding opportunities and/or partner in planning bids. Projects are run in partnership between the academic school, or department, and ISG.

Key points to consider

  • Your proposal should clearly link to the University strategy.
  • Your application must be signed off by Head of School (or similar) and include a letter of support from the relevant strategy owner (usually an assistant- or vice-principal).
  • You should ensure adequate resources and funding are available for the development and delivery of the course.  

How to submit

To submit a proposal, please complete the following steps:

  1. Read the information on What's Involved in Making a MOOC?
  2. Download the MOOC Proposal Guide and MOOC Proposal Form.
  3. Complete the proposal form using the guidance provided.
  4. Submit your completed proposal form to the OCP team at

If you have any questions about the form, or would like an informal discussion about your ideas before submitting, please contact us.  

Prepare for course design and development

We encourage all Academic Teams who develop a short online course with us to complete our own self-paced course 'How to Create an Online Course' before the design process begins.

This will ensure you use your course production time efficiently, as the course covers key guidance, hints and tips on how to develop effective content and activities for online learners.

You can enrol straight away, so you are well-equipped when your own course development begins.

Enrol on How to Create an Online Course