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Short online courses and OER Brochures

Explore the story of our world-class short online course portfolio and the impact of OER at the University of Edinburgh.

Short online courses brochure

Short online courses cover page

Our brochure tells the story of our world-class short online course portfolio: its academic excellence; its ability to support sustainable development goals and enable global participation in flexible lifelong learning; its technological innovations and the measurable impact that it is having on millions of lives in every corner of the planet.

The Short online courses brochure highlights our partnerships with Coursera, EdX, and Futurelearn, and provides access to a wealth of online courses, and free resources, including open course production templates and Creative Commons licensed media.

It is also an introduction to what our courses have to offer and what you can expect from your time as a learner when you choose to join our global academic community. 


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Open for Good: OER at the University of Edinburgh

OER brochure cover page

The Online Course production Service works closely with the Open Education Resource Service to source, create and publish all course materials under open licence.

Open for Good: OER at the University of Edinburgh tells the story of five years of support for OER and open knowledge at the University of Edinburgh.  The brochure includes information about our award-winning open policies, our outreach activities, and our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  It also features case studies of student engagement and OER in the curriculum from across the University, along with a timeline of significant open education developments and events.


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