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Short Online Courses

We support academic teams to create engaging online courses for a worldwide learning community.

What is a Short Online Course?

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Short online courses are free courses that enable learners around the world to gain a new skill, expand their interests in a topic, or fulfil professional development needs.

Our Courses

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We support academic teams to design, develop and deliver a range of online courses, from informal courses, to more extensive certificates and programmes.

What's Involved in Making a MOOC?

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An overview of the process, timeline, and support involved in planning and developing a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

Partner Platforms

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The University partners with three learning platforms to offer free, open access education on a global scale.

Case Studies: Short courses

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Feedback and advice from the academic leads of a selection of our short online courses.

Short online courses and OER Brochures

Explore the story of our world-class short online course portfolio and the impact of OER at the University of Edinburgh.