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Exploring the Teacher Function: Continuing Interventions in Automated Teaching

This project builds on the pioneering work of Teacherbot (Bayne 2015) and its model “assemblage of teacher-student-code (that) might be pedagogically generative” (2015), as well as indicative actions emerging from the Near Future Teaching project (2019), specifically for an instigation of “an academic-led programme to scope ways in which transparent, fair, context-sensitive artificial intelligence applications and services could assist and support human-driven teaching.” This research project is largely positioned as building on the findings emerging from Teacherbot, further building on ‘the conscious construction of technological worlds that support a desirable conception of what it is to be human’ (Feenberg 2003).  

Exploring the Teacher Function

A Learning Analytics approach to MicroMasters

The digitalisation of learning platforms has enabled the recording of a huge amount of data about learners and learning in general.

The combination of this source of information and the advances in data processing and machine learning, often labelled ‘learning analytics’, has enabled researchers to approach student learning from a stronger quantitative perspective. The launch of MicroMasters at the University of Edinburgh provides an opportunity to begin to understand learning trajectories on online courses through data modelling. 

A Learning Analytics approach to MicroMasters