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Media Studio Tour

Explore the studio spaces and equipment.

Media Studio  

The main studio is our most versatile space. Fully supported by our highly skilled media team and equipped with high-end cinema cameras, fully customisable studio lighting, a range of microphones to suit different scenarios, teleprompters, furniture, various backdrops and the Learning Glass. 

Video: OCP Media Studio Overview
OCP Media Studio Overview

Control room 

Adjacent to the studio, this is where the lighting is controlled from, and camera feeds can be fed into the production switcher for monitoring or live editing of multi camera shoots. 

A man wears headphone while looking at mixing equipment in Control Room of Argyle House Media Studio.

Audio Booth 

If you don’t have budget for the fully Supported Production Service, we have the semi supported Audio Booth which is free to all staff. This sound proofed booth is equipped with a professional studio microphone and computer for recording voice overs, podcasts and screencasts. There is also a high-quality video camera with a teleprompter so you can record basic piece to camera videos using Kaltura capture. You will receive an induction on all the equipment and there will always be a member of the Media Team on hand if you need help. 

Video: Media Studio Tour: Audio Booth
An overview of the semi supported Audio Booth at the Online Course Production Service Media Studio. Visit the Educational Media Production website to discover more.