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Advanced Media Production

I want to create a scripted video that requires post-production. Examples include: learning glass, graphics, stock imagery, and interview.

What is Advanced Media Production? 

The studio can be used for a range of advanced filming needs including interviews, voice overs or using interactive equipment available in the studio, such as the Learning Glass, or provided by the user. To understand your requirements and advise whether you need advanced media production, our team will contact you to arrange a short consultancy discussion (approx. 30 mins).  

You must supply script and supporting images or graphic files prior to booking. Following a script will allow you to quickly develop a transcript to be made available along with the video. Automated subtitling can be enabled in Media Hopper Create (Kaltura). 

Lead time for booking: Minimum 5 working days.

The following example videos outline the different types of advanced media that you can create: 

  • Piece to Camera (PTC).
  • Learning Glass™.
  • Simple graphics.
  • Stock footage.
  • B-roll.
  • Talkshow style interview.
Video: Trait to DNA
Content video for Insilico Breeding short course - Trait to DNA.
Video: General practice interview
General practice interview - medical school

Advanced Media Production: Preparing and what to expect