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Covid-19 & Health and Safety

Information on the steps being taken to reduce risk of Covid-19.

What steps are we taking to ensure we adopt the latest health and safety advice?

We are following the university's guidance on COVID-19 hygiene and the Media Studio Manager is in regular contact with Health and Safety.  In order to open the studios, full risk assessments were prepared and signed off by senior staff including Health and Safety and local building managers.

We will update all guidance and processes as required.

For up-to-date University information on the COVID-19 please visit the university's Health and Safety webpages

What happens if a user does not adhere to the Health and Safety guidance?

Any user who is unable to adhere to the general health and safety guidance may be asked to leave and not allowed to return until they can follow guidance for the overall wellbeing of staff in the building.

How can I find out more about the University’s Health and Safety guidelines before coming back to campus?

The University has created an online training course to outline what to expect when you return to working on the estate. All staff are encouraged to complete this course prior to your return. For more information and how to access the course visit the Health and Safety Covid-19 training pages.

Do I need to wear a face covering in the studio?

Presenters will not be required to wear a face covering whilst filming in the studio. However, in communal areas such as corridors, reception areas, elevators, staff kitchens and bathrooms, guidance from the University (last updated 20th September, 2021) indicates it is still mandatory that face coverings are worn unless an exemption applies. For detailed guidance on the wearing of face coverings, visit the Covid-19 Hygiene Measures webpage. 

Technicians will wear a face covering in all communal areas. Whilst in the studio they may wear a face covering only when social distancing cannot be adhered to (e.g. 1m social distancing cannot be adhered to or when lifting heavy items when more than 1 person is required). 

Please note: We advise that users do not create video or audio content wearing a face covering due to the concerns regarding sound quality and accessibility for lip readers.

What safety steps are we taking in the studio?

We have adopted the following physical steps to help adhere to social distancing and ensure the studio(s) are clean and safe:


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Floor and wall signage will be installed to indicate where the presenter should walk and stand during filming.

Perspex Screen A perspex screen is installed in the main studio separating the media technician and presenter.

Limiting numbers in studio


To minimise risk, we recommend no more than 2 people in media studio at any one time (i.e. media producer and user) unless recording an interview where two subjects are being filmed. 

One Way System

One-way systems have been introduced in Argyle House. 

No Desk Sharing

No shared desk space will be available in the studio locations.

Hand gel

Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance to the studio.

A cleaning schedule has been created and studios will be cleaned in a 30 minute cleaning and preparation slot prior to each booking.