Information Services

What We Do

We offer a range of support on all aspects of designing, developing and delivering online courses and programmes.

We work with academic teams and other staff at the University of Edinburgh to promote innovative, inclusive and sustainable digital education. The learning materials we create are open licensed to encourage reuse in other teaching contexts.  

We’re happy to hear from you at any stage of your project (the earlier the better!) to discuss your requirements with no charge or obligation. 


We offer free advice to staff who have questions about online course production, or who want to find out more about developing online courses such as a MOOC, Professional Certificate, or MicroMasters programme. 

Learning Design 

We can support the design and development of your online course, from light touch input such as facilitation of ABC Learning Design workshops, through to fully supported services such as copyediting and building materials on the learning platform.  

Media Production 

We specialise in creating professional, engaging media content to assist in the delivery of teaching and learning objectives. This ranges from providing guidance and media kits for filming remotely, to fully supported studio filming sessions and editing services. Find out more about Educational Media Production


We can assist you in fulfilling the marketing needs for an online course. This includes optimising content for maximum impact in search engines, scripting trailers, social media marketing, and harnessing any other marketing opportunities that the partner platform or University can offer.


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