Information Services

Accessing the Service

Support for developing online courses and programmes is open to all Schools and Units in the University.

User Responibilities

Users are expected to use the service for its intended purpose as recommended by published support documentation, and in accordance with any supplementary advice and guidance provided by Information Services. Users responsibilities typically fall into the following main areas:  

  • Academic pedagogical leadership and vision  
  • Obtaining School, College or relevant other approvals 
  • Securing all required funding 
  • Academic staff for provision of all content including media and assessment materials to deliver to jointly agreed project plan 
  • Student and course administration tasks  
  • Student recruitment and communications (unless otherwise scoped in project) 
  • Recruitment, development and management of teaching staff  

Users of the service are required to commit resources as agreed to ensure that activities are delivered to the jointly agreed plan.   

Where chargeable work is being carried out users are expected to provide clear requirements, provide clarification on scope and participate in signoff of stages of activity.  

Users are expected to provide feedback on the system, report issues to IS Helpline, and input into future development plans.  

IS Responsibilities

In the first instance we may direct you to our online support and guidance materials, including instructional videos, which can be accessed instantly through the Online course production website. IS will also run regular training and events to support online course production and teaching, these will be advertised through events booking and can be booked online. 

When a request for the premium service is made an initial discussion will be held to understand the requirements and the obligations of all parties. If agreed a full costed proposal will be created including an initial jointly agreed plan for delivery.  

To operate the Service, IS will provide experienced staff who maintain knowledge of advances in pedagogy, technology and the wider online educational context. All assets created by the service will be deigned to be inclusive, accessible and sustainable. 

We will maintain ongoing relationships with colleagues both internal to the University and across institutions to encourage sharing of best practice. We will establish and maintain successful partnerships with platform providers and suppliers to meet the University's needs and to provide market insights.