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What is the Noteable Service? 

The Noteable service is the University of Edinburgh's deployment of Jupyterhub providing access to Jupyter notebooks via your browser. These notebooks allow you to create and interact with documents containing code in a variety of programming languages without any need to install anything. The Noteable project seeks to leverage this tool into teaching within the University. 

What if I want to use Jupyter notebooks for my research? 

The Noteable project is aimed primarily at supporting teaching and learning, however, the University of Edinburgh is keen to support other use cases. If you would like to discuss using Jupyter notebooks in your own research please contact EDINA

How do I access the Noteable Service? 

There are currently two ways to access the Noteable service; firstly you can try out the service by using the direct login.

Noteable Direct Login (EASE)

For use in teaching the best method would be to use the integration with Learn, a video on how to set this up can be found on Media Hopper

How to add Noteable Link in Learn - Video 

What are containers? 

When using the service directly or setting up the Learn integration you will be asked to select a container. These containers define what programming languages and libraries are available, a full breakdown is available within Noteable

List of Noteable languages and packages

Will this service continue after the pilot? 

After a successfull pilot Noteable is now being launched as a full service available to all staff for use in teaching. There is no cost associated with using this service.  

How can I share files with students? 

Currently, the only way to give students access to course files is for the students to manually upload these. As part of further developments to the service, we will investigate the ability to set course materials as part of the Learn integration. 

What are the resource limits? 

All users have access to up to 2GB of RAM. All accounts currently have up to 10GB of persistent storage space available, if you believe you may need more than this please contact us. 

Why should I use the Noteable service? 

There are multiple reasons to use the Noteable service; firstly the service is centrally supported and integrated with Learn to allow for a continuous learning environment. As Noteable uses Jupyterhub there is no need to install any software before using the service, it can be used anywhere with internet access and reduces the time for students to engage with programming. 

Can it support *this* language? 

Our technical team have already added support for many programming languages. If you would like to use a specific language that is not currently supported then please contact James Slack 

Can *this* package be added? 

There are a number of packages currently available, a list of all those currently available on the Noteable site.

List of Noteable languages and packages

If you would like to see a specific package or library added then please contact James Slack. Please be aware that adding packages may take a long time, especially if there are specific dependencies. Please allow at least 4 weeks notice before teaching, preferrably before the start of the term.